Our Quality Processes

We start our processes by referring to the plating type, thickness and other criteria (according to agreement) requested by our customers. After plating process, adhesion controls, visual controls and solderability checks in required standards which provided by us, the products are delivered to our customers by appropriate packaging method.

Only the products which produced for industrial purposes are plated by Tin, Silver, Cupper and Nickel by the specialization principle of our company, with our expert staff,

All the quality tests and micron measurements have been done in our modern laboratory, which has got modern equipment’s, and given to the customers by a quality control certificate.

*Before the micron test of the products, our devices are subjected to the calibration test and the processes are continued.

Also on a monthly basis, chemical company suppliers COVENTYA CHEMICAL and GAP CHEMICAL INDUSTRY AND TRADE CO. LTD., do all kinds of analyzes which routinely performed and reported.

Together with our occupational health consultant and doctor, the health of our employees is kept under control and also all our sensitive environmental activities kept under control by our environmental engineer.

Our Certificates